Dan’s Tax Prep 2019


1040 Check List

Social Security numbers and dates of birth: (only if you are a new client, or have new people on your return)



   Copy of drivers license for both taxpayer and spouse

   Dependents, also income from employment and investments
Proof of Residency:

   Taxpayers with dependents are now required to provide some form of proof

    that the dependents live with them. Proof can be in the form of a bill from a

    health provider, a report card, or other documents that have the dependents

    named and the taxpayers address on them.

Personal income:

   Employment income W-2 forms

   Interest Income 1099-INT & 1099-OID forms

   Dividend income 1099-DIV forms

   State and local income tax refunds 1099-G forms

   Alimony received

   Brokerage transactions 1099-B forms or Consolidated 1099 form from your     Broker Dealers

   Retirement plan distribution 1099-R forms

   Unemployment income 1099-G forms

   Social Security benefits SSA-1099 forms

   Gambling and lottery winnings W-2G forms

   Other miscellaneous income

   Distributions from medical savings accounts 1099-MSA forms

Self-employment income:

   Business income 1099-MISC forms or own records

   Partnership income K-1: 1065 forms

   Rental property income 1099-MISC forms or own record

   Business-related expenses

Adjustments to income:

   Educators Expenses

   Health Savings Account Contributions

   Moving Expense if Military only

   Self Employed Health Insurance Premiums


   Alimony paid, and recipients Social Security number. Alimony is no longer tax 

   deductible for the payor, nor taxable for the payee for divorces after 12/31/2018

   Student Loan Interest Paid

   Retirement Plan Contributions not listed on form W-2 

Homeowner information:

   Mortgage Interest 1098 forms

   Property sales proceeds 1099-S forms

   Real estate taxes paid, even if you don’t itemize

   Rent paid by Michigan residents for Homestead Credit

Personal expenses:

   Charitable donations

   Mileage driven for charitable work

   Adoption expenses

   Medical and dental expenses

   Estimated federal, state & local income tax paid for current year


   The Home Energy Credit is only available for Solar & Geothermal


   Child care provider; SS# or EIN, address, and phone

   Education tuition 1098-T form, as well at the cost of books and classroom     supplies
Health Insurance:

    Form1095A, and/or 1095C, if you received a health insurance subsidy

    via the Affordable Care Act.

Bank Information:

   If you are a new client, or an existing client with new bank account     information, and will be applying for a direct deposit of your refund or direct     debit or your taxes due, I will need your routing and account numbers.


Intaxication: Euphoria at getting a refund from the IRS, which lasts until you realize it was your money to start with.